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About us - THe History OF GPT

From start-up to systems supplier

It was in 1996 that the GPT (German power technology systems) has been founded in Teltow / Brandenburg. Our detailed knowledge of the needs and the market in the develpoing countries, focus our activities in more than one field.

We started planning and executing solar projects as well as planning and executing Broadcasting- and TV-projects in Africa and the Middle East.

The generous support, we received from German ministry for research and technology helped us to do some technological development in the power sector. Microprocessor controlled solide state stabilizer have been developed, followed by solid state line conditioners for ultimate safety.

These two products were the beginning of rapidly increasing demands for higher power ratings especially to secure the function reliability of Broadcasting- and TV-transmitters.

Entering the market was very difficult at the beginning, till our manager himself took burden on his shoulders and visited some countries in the Middle East. He retained successfully having a representive for our company and a share holder as well.

In 2001 the new IGBT transistors made it possible to improve the efficiency of our products. We concentrated our efforts in developing solutions to meet concrete market requirements and customer tailored solutions.

We enterd the sector of controll and mangaging lighting systems. This subsequently evolved into a particularily growth segment for GPT. Beside the financial revenue, these devices help protecting the environment by reducing the energy consumption and avoiding light pollution.

In 2004 GPT moved its head office to Berlin Kurstr. while Teltow buros are kept as subsidairy and production location.

We were lucky and proud winning the of a federal German competition "Hero fair" in 1998 for Brandenburg. Click here

You can find further success stories under References.

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